Carfax Educational Projects has a portfolio of experts and highly quaified consultants. The list below comprises just a small portion of expertise available, and additional consultants with any specialism or set of skills can be provided to meet the needs of any client or project. 

Matthew Goldie-Scot

Selected Qualifications

University of Cambridge

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education, English
  • Master of Education

University of Oxford

  • Bachelor of Arts (by Incorporation)
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Science, Education (Learning and Teaching)

The Open University

  • Postgraduate Diploma, Development Management
  • Postgraduate Certificate, Conflict and Development

Matthew has worked as an educational practitioner, researcher and consultant in a wide range of international contexts. He has served in schools in India, Africa, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe, and has worked in the Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in a consultancy capacity. He has worked in a specialist school for pupils with severe special educational needs, and planned and implemented the ‘Gifted and Talented’ curriculum at a leading international school. He has also served on Mathematics and S.E.N. curriculum groups, and has been responsible for whole-school budgeting and curriculum design.

He has been involved with research funded by D.F.I.D., and edited the final project report for the Oxfam funded “Perceptions of Africa” project. In 2012, he managed a government-level education project in West Africa, funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat, as well as numerous school improvement projects, feasibility studies, and recruitment initiatives. Last year, Matthew lead a team for the establishment of a British boarding school in Southern Europe, and more recently, he served as lead consultant on a project establishing a Teacher Training Institute in Somaliland. Matthew has worked extensively in East Africa, including work within Tanzania. He recently led a major project to establish a leading British international school in the Baltic region, and has overseen extensive school improvement work within the Middle East. Matthew has been involved in several projects which have involved government engagement at Ministry and Cabinet level.

Matthew holds B.A. from the University of Cambridge (Education Tripos) where he also read for a P.G.C.E. and a Master’s in Education. He later studied for a Master of Science degree at the University of Oxford. With experience in teacher-training and school-improvement, Matthew taught undergraduates on two courses for the Education Tripos at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education, the leading undergraduate education course in the United Kingdom. He served on the Standing Committee for Higher Degrees within the same faculty. He also held an Associate Lectureship in Childhood at the Open University, teaching on a range of international education issues for a period of four years. Matthew is a member of St. Edmund’s College Cambridge, and St. Cross College Oxford; he is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning, a Fellow of the College of Teachers, and Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce.


Selected Qualifications

University of Cambridge

  • Master of Philosophy, Management

University of Nottingham

  • Master of Science, International Relations and Global Issues

Matej Damborsky is a consultant with a wide international project experience. He has worked on and managed projects in the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, the UAE and Costa Rica.

Matej holds a Master’s of Science in International Relations and Global Issues from the University of Nottingham, where he graduated at top of his class; and a Master's in Management from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School.

Matej's recent project experience in education includes the development of an Academic Plan and curriculum for a leading private school in Dubai.  He also established a highly successful organization supporting scholarship applications for study in the United Kingdom.  His previous professional experience was focused in management consulting;  he worked for McKinsey & Co., where he specialized in the areas of strategy, I.T., and practical applications of behavioral insights. In the past, Matej has also worked for the European Parliament, reporting on the legislative proceeding to the Czech Chamber of Deputies and helped develop a successful marketing strategy for a cultural institute. He has also set up a charitable organization in the Czech Republic which successfully promoted prestigious international scholarship opportunities to talented Czech students. Matej has also been involved in the delivery of E.F.L. programmes.


Selected Qualifications

University of Cambridge

  • Master of Philosophy, Management
  • Master of Education*

University of California

  • Bachelor of Arts, Politics

Charles is a specialist consultant with extensive experience in the education sector. Charles has created and managed education projects for NGOs, private clients, and within the state sector in Chile, Brazil, Russia, Dubai, the United States, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Charles holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Cambridge, and has varied experience ranging from teaching mathematics and English in U.S. middle schools, to coordinating successful corporate language tuition programs for N.G.O.s and private clients in Latin America and the Russian Federation. While in the United States, he founded his own successful specialist tuition programmes drawing on his varied international experiences. He has taught in numerous E.F.L. contexts, as well as working as a teacher of Spanish and Portuguese.

Charles’ recent project experience includes: consultancy for the establishment of a British curriculum school in the Baltic States; consultancy towards the establishment of a university in Sierra Leone; work on a project for the establishment of a Teacher Training Institute in Somaliland; a feasibility study for the establishment of a British boarding school in Italy; and work on a number of projects throughout the developing and developed world.  He has also supported international schooling within the Middle East, and managed curriculum design initiatives around the world.  He has extensive experience in cost-projection and financial modelling for international educational institutes. 

*currently in progress part time

Stuart Herbert

Selected Qualifications

Swansea University

  • Master of Arts

Queen Elizabeth 1st Grammar School for Boys

  • Bachelor of Education

Stuart is an educational consultant with extensive experience in the education sector, specialising in teacher training programmes, school inspection and improvement programmes. Stuart is a former Principal and has worked with schools throughout the UK supporting over 200 Head teacher Performance Management Reviews. He also works with both Ofsted and Estyn inspecting schools in all phases in UK and was a former inspector with Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau based in Academic City. He currently works with CfBT Middle East and Africa in Abu Dhabi.

He is also a qualified teacher and holds a Master’s degree in Education Leadership and Administration from the Swansea University and also Bachelor’s degree in Education. Stuart has worked extensively with schools and universities throughout China and schools in India and Africa. In 2008 he established with Chinese partner schools in Inner Mongolia. Stuart has worked as a lead school improvement adviser working with 23 schools in England to support school self-evaluation and school improvement. He has helped schools improve inspection grading from satisfactory to good and good to outstanding, and has achieved substantial success in this work. Furthermore, his work with Swansea University established links with Xiamen University developing post-graduate links. Stuart was part of the Welsh Assembly Trade delegate working with British Embassies in Shanghai, Chongching and Hong Kong.

Stuart has extensive knowledge of the education sector in the U.A.E as he has led numerous inspections in Dubai and Abu Dhabi schools and has inspected over 100 schools ranging from 400 pupils to over 7000. He has trained teachers and leaders in UAE (trainee principal inspectors) and in June he visited Mumbai to train 123 teachers including senior and middle leaders (Podar Education Group, India). Additionally, Stuart has also supported the writing of policies and inspection guidance as well as draft inspection frameworks for the Dubai government. Stuart has also worked in the private sector in establishing online managed learning environments (MLE) with local education authorities.

Selected Qualifications

Institute of Linguists

  • MCIL

The Open University

  • Master of Education, Education Management

Institute of Education, London

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education

University of Cambridge

  • Postgraduate Studies, Archaeology

St. Andrews University

  • Master of Arts, French and Mediaeval History

A specialist in Modern Foreign Languages, educated at St Andrews, the University of Cambridge, and the Institute of Education, Iain has served as Head of Modern Languages, Head of Sixth Form, and Deputy Head in a range of independent schools.  He later took on the management of the Modern Languages department of a leading international school, responsible for a dual language curriculum which ensured that both expatriate English speaking pupils and non-native English pupils from the local area left school with proficiency in both languages.  He later oversaw the introduction of the I.B. (International Baccalaureate) programme throughout the Modern Languages department of Riverside International School, Prague.

He also has considerable experience of consultancy work, including school improvement and development projects.  Raised bilingual, and fluent in a range of languages, he is adept at working in an international environment.  He is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning and a member of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.


Selected Qualifications

University of East Anglia, Cambridge Institute

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Education (Early Years Assessment of Learning)
  • Master of Arts, Education (Early Years Assessment of Learning)
  • Advanced Diploma in Education, Special Education Needs

Birmingham University

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Certificate in Education, Nursery Education

Dr Lockett is an Early Years specialist, with many decades’ experience. He holds a PhD in early years education, and a depth of expertise which is regularly sought after for presentations in conventions, and to professional bodies. Dr Lockett is a world-leading expert in the field of Early Years education, and his views are sought globally on the subject.

He began his Early Childhood Education career as a nursery teacher following teaching experience in the Indian sub-continent. His experiences of Reggio pre-schools and New Zealand kindergartens have had a profound impact upon his evolving philosophy and approach.

His portfolio of experience includes: early years practitioner; programme and school improvement consultant; educational adviser to governmental bodies and schools; OFSTED inspector; school improvement officer; regional educational adviser to the governments of the UK and New Zealand; school governor; SEN specialist and advisor; and consultant to schools for improved performance in OFSTED, ISI, and KHDA inspections.

Andrew believes passionately in children's creativity and play; in the importance of children's entitlement to achieve, in quality provision that is continuously seeking to improve; and in observation, assessment and documentation as a key strategy in raising the quality of practice and provision. 


Selected Qualifications

Bristol University

  • Master of Education

University of Cambridge

  • Master of Arts, Geography

Philip Hallworth spent 35 years as a teacher and senior manager in UK independent schools. He is a Cambridge MA graduate and also has a MEd degree in the Management and Organization of Secondary Schools and a Diploma in Schools Marketing. He is now a self-employed educational consultant offering advice and support to students, parents, schools and corporate institutions. He has been engaged in a wide variety of activity: providing consultancy on whole-school improvement projects in the UK and overseas, providing teacher training for a group of Chinese teachers, designing a brief for a new English education campus in China, providing private tutoring and UCAS / careers advice, advising schools on overseas pupil recruitment, designing school admissions and marketing strategies, copywriting and copy editing, brochure design and production. He has a broad knowledge and understanding of a variety of educational institutions and of the multi-faceted roles of the people who work in them.

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