School and University Operations

School and University Operations

Carfax conducts improvement and management consultation for schools and universities throughout the world, as well as full-time operations support. Clients have included: universities; government ministries; international school groups; the United Nations and other IGOs; major NGOs including Save The Children International and others; and private clients spanning many countries and continents. Provision has included support with:

  • Staff training;
  • Day-to-day management operations;
  • Governmental inspection preparation, including mock inspections, and preparation of relevant documentation;
  • Development and refinement of processes and procedures;
  • Staff training;
  • Interim management;
  • On-going staff management;
  • Curricular design and overhaul;
  • Strategic and financial consultancy;
  • Organisational restructuring through hiring of new excellent staff, with the skills and expertise needed for institutional improvement; and
  • A wide range of additional support.

Carfax's experience in this provision is extensive, with experience of school start-up and operations in the United Kingdom and abroad, as well as wide-ranging experience of supporting operations in institutions around the world to improve performance, in both financial and educational terms, in marked and quantifiable ways.


 Carfax has extensive experience of successful school management and inspection preparation at the Carfax Tutorial Establishment (C.T.E.) located in Oxford. C.T.E. is a specialist college providing specialist tuition to pupils from all over the world. C.T.E.’s primary focus is the preparation of pupils for entrance into the world’s leading institutions of higher education, as well as on the support of particularly gifted pupils or those with special needs. The school has an excellent track-record for sending pupils on to study at the world’s leading universities, with candidates receiving offers from Oxford, Cambridge, and leading colleges of the University of London.

C.T.E. has consistently received excellent coverage in the national and international press and has received excellent feedback following visits by the Independent School Inspectorate (I.S.I.), the body appointed by the U.K. government to inspect and oversee the country’s independent schools, receiving the highest possible rating of ‘Outstanding’ in all areas of inspection in its inspection reports in 2011, and 2012 respectively.

The I.S.I had the following to say about C.T.E. in its 2012 report:


On the quality of teaching and its impact on learning

Teaching is excellent and very successful in bringing about outstanding levels of achievement. Considering that the school is non-selective, the improved performance in external examinations over the last three years shows that teaching has an extremely positive effect on the level of student attainment and progress.

There are highly effective procedures for the identification and support of pupils with particular learning needs. These procedures begin at the start of the admission process and are closely monitored throughout pupils’ time at the school. The level of attention given to matching the provision to the specific needs of individual pupils ensures that highly effective tutors and programmes are provided to optimise the outcome for pupils.


On attainment and progress

The level of attention given to individual attainment and progress with respect to individually set goals is outstanding. Success rates and attendance are high. Pupils develop excellent skills, knowledge and understanding that are relevant to meeting their expressed goals. Most pupils make progress above what would be expected from their previous achievements and starting points.

Pupils’ work is mostly of a very high standard and most demonstrate very high levels of confidence in discussing their work. As well as the significant improvement in pupils’ work at the school there is also a measurable improvement in some pupils’ attitude towards their work. Pupils take a high level of personal responsibility for their own progress during the time they spend at the school.

The records of progression of pupils to higher levels of education demonstrate high levels of success in meeting pupils’ needs. EFL support in the school is particularly successful in allowing pupils to achieve well in examinations and progress to highly selective educational institutions.


On pastoral support for pupils

Pastoral support for pupils is outstanding and is a particular strength of the school. All members of the school community are diligent and quick to respond to student needs. The excellent relationships between staff and pupils and amongst pupils facilitate the effective implementation of the school policy to value individuality. Pupils receive very high levels of support from tutors on personal issues.


On CTE’s management and oversight

The leadership of the school provides a clear educational direction, as reflected in the quality of education, the care of the pupils and the fulfilment of the school’s aims and ethos. The proprietor has an exciting and ambitious vision for the development of the school and has clearly articulated this to his senior managers. He closely monitors the quality of the provision and has a rigorous appraisal process in place to ensure that leadership and management are co-ordinated towards this common goal.

Management is a particular strength of the school. Its implementation of policies and procedures ensures that pupils can meet their individual learning goals.

Quality assurance and self-evaluation are outstanding in securing improvements in the quality of provision and outcomes for pupils. The staff appraisal procedure is fair and transparent and provides a highly accurate means of monitoring quality and effecting improvements. Teachers value the support and guidance they are offered in meeting the aims and mission of the school, and believe it contributes to improved outcomes for pupils. For example, staff training has been given in teaching EFL pupils and in health and safety issues. Evidence of effective implementation of teaching strategies can be seen across a wide section of classes.

The high level of monitoring ensures that managers capture accurate data, for example on the views of pupils, and use it very successfully to manage and improve provision.

Managers are very successful in recruiting a core group of high quality teachers and ensuring that they are closely matched to the needs of their pupils. Staff feel valued and demonstrate a high level of loyalty to management. They follow school policies to improve consistency of shared good practice across all areas. Demanding targets are set and met throughout the organisation.

Investment in resources is ongoing as the school grows, for example the introduction of an effective wireless internet system during the inspection, and there is a plan in hand for the systematic upgrading of classroom resources.


The I.S.I.’s complete report on C.T.E. is public record, and can be accessed on the I.S.I. website. Additionally, a hard or electronic copy can be provided on request.

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