Born from the experience and expertise of the Carfax Education Group, Carfax Education Recruitment specialises in the hiring of excellent educational staff for international institutions.

Employers have included:
  • Private clients
  • Universities
  • International schools
  • International nurseries and preschools
  • Multinational corporations
  • International organisations
  • NGOs
  • Governments
Staff specialisations have included:
  • Technical English (e.g. oil and gas, construction, security)
  • Languages (e.g. English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese)
  • Mathematics
  • Early Years
  • British, American, IB curriculum specialists
  • Educational consultants

The preceding list is not exhaustive. Carfax specialises in addressing unusual recruitment requests, or those with a need for fast and effective turnaround. To discuss the details of your recruitment needs, please contact Carfax Consultants via the 'Contact' page of this site.

The Carfax Advantage

Carfax Recruitment aids clients through the whole process of recruitment. Beginning with an in-depth consultation to completely understand your recruitment needs, Carfax consultants manage the entire hiring process from beginning to end.

Provision includes:

  • Candidate search, screen, and preliminary interviews
  • Criminal background checks
  • Visa applications
  • Logistics (flights, acommodation, transportation, and more)
  • Candidate training and orientation

All Carfax Recruitment contracts carry a six-month guarantee; if a placed candidate ends their contract within the first six months of employment, Carfax consultants will find a replacement as soon as possible, and at no extra charge.

Why Clients and Candidates Trust Us

Through extensive experience in recruitment, Carfax has built a bank of excellent candidates upon whom employers can draw. Recruited heavily from top educational institutions in Britain, the United States and elsewhere, and with a wealth of experience, Carfax offers world-class candidates to prospective employers.

Carfax Recruitment Consultants understand that happy employees are key to success of any educational institution, which is why Carfax seeks to secure placements with institutions that have a reputation for fair and equitable treatment of employees. Well-paid, well-placed, and well-treated employees work better, happier, and with more longevity than those that do not. And because of its six-month candidate guarantee, Carfax has an interest in making sure that both candidates and employers are satisfied.

A Middle Eastern school group contracted Carfax Consultants to lead a complete institutional restructuring programme, with the intent of improving performance on government educational quality inspections, as well as raise the overall standard of education at the school. Candidates were placed by Carfax to roles ranging from Headmaster, to Heads of Department, to management and administrative staff.

Key to this restructuring and improvement initiative was the dsimissal of underperforming staff, and their replacement with excellent international educationalists for full time emplyement. These new educators possessed expertise and experience in school improvement, and preparation for academic inspections. 

The initiative was successful, and, largely thanks to the excellent new staff working in close collaboration with Carfax, the school has seen a steady and marked improvement on government inspections as well as in the overall quality and performance of the institution. 


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