Policy Support

Policy Support

Carfax has a wealth of experience in performing consultancy for governments, NGOs, international organisations, charities, and a range of other institutional and private clients. Project specialisms can vary widely across sectors, topics, and international contexts; selected examples include:

  • Institutional design;
  • Monitoring and evaluation;
  • Curriculum and educational programme design;
  • Institutional management and reform;
  • Programme assessments;
  • National educational policy development;
  • Corruption prevention and mitigation;
  • Teacher training programmes; and
  • Development and implementation of tracking and accountability systems and policies.

This list is non-exhaustive, additional support in other areas can be provided on request.

Carfax Consultant's clients and partners in the delivery of this type of consultancy include some of the largest NGOs, INGOs, humanitarian agencies, and charities in the world. Carfax consultants have worked for, or closely with:

  • National Governments, Ministries, and Commissions;
  • The European Commission;
  • Save The Children International;
  • DFID;
  • Oxfam;
  • The Global Education Cluster;
  • The Commonwealth Secretariat; and
  • A wide range of other international organisations.

The degree of flexibility and expertise Carfax can provide is unparalleled, and consultancy can be designed to meet any range of client needs and requests. Carfax can deliver challenging projects at short-notice, in difficult circumstances, with swift mobilisation.
For more detail of Carfax Consultant's experience in Policy and Institutional support, please see the case studies below.

Carfax was engaged by an international NGO to conduct a detailed feasibility study examining the potential for an internationally accredited school and examination centre, allowing pupils in Mogadishu to access recognised qualifications. Carfax was subsequently engaged to broker with international examination boards to support the implementation of the recommendations made within the feasibility study report.

An international NGO engaged Carfax to conduct a detailed analysis of fincancing mechanisms for education within humanitarian contexts. The study included detailed and complex data analysis from a range of sources, including the UN-led humanitarian responses, OECD financial reports, the Red Cross, and many others. Carfax's activities for this project comprised primary qualitative and quantitative research (including methodology and research tool design and execution), literature review, correspondence with and management of key stakeholders, and drafting of final recommendations based on the results of analyses. 

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