Guidance for Investors

Guidance for Investors

Carfax provides advice and guidance to investors in the education sector in a wide range of international contexts. With sector, national, and institutional specialists capable of meeting each client’s distinctive requirements, Carfax has supported the establishment, management, and purchase of many successful educational business ventures. Selected projects have included:

  • Advice on the purchase of existing educational businesses and institutions;
  • Advice on institutional restructuring and management;
  • Co-investment search, and procurement;
  • Operator and management search;
  • Business plan and feasibility study evaluation; and
  • Evaluation of national contexts.

Carfax consultants have performed such assignments throughout the world, with work completed in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Latin America.
Those who wish to discuss specific needs and requirements can correspond with Carfax via the 'Contact' page.

Carfax undertook a feasibility study and business case design, commissioned by a private investor, for the establishment of an international school in East Africa.  This included market research, cash-flow projections, site-visits, recommendations for staffing, and guidance on fee-levels.

A group of private investors, seeking to establish a leading business school in the south of Europe, approached Carfax for extensive support and guidance, including the completion of a comprehensive feasibility study.  This included extensive market research, engagement with local legal specialists on compliance issues, work on architectural briefs and construction costs, guidance on staffing and detailed cash-flow and budget projections.  In addition Carfax prepared detailed guidance on potential operators, sources of external finance, and exit opportunities for investors.

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