EFL and Technical Training

EFL and Technical Training

Carfax offers specialist language and technical training consultancy, with experience in training and tuition on four continents and dozens of countries. Drawn heavily from world leading universities and institutions of higher education, our consultants and tutors offer the best language education on the market.

Carfax's EFL and technical training provision achieves excellence by focussing on the following:

Recruitment and Retention of Talented Educationalists and Technical Specialists

Recruitment of excellent, talented staff is a cornerstone of our provision. Drawn heavily from world-leading institutions of higher learning Oxford and Cambridge, Carfax's consultants and tutors are the best in the world. Excellent staff means excellent outcomes, and throughout its history Carfax has helped clients and their employees achieve excellence in their language skills.

Native English Teachers

All of Carfax's teachers are native English speakers from Britain and the United States, and are educated at some of the world's best institutions of higher education. By receiving tuition from excellent native-speaking tutors, trainees receive the best education in language, colure, idiom, and accent possible, accelerating the pace of learning, and maximising the quality of learning outcomes.

Accountability, Reporting, and Quality Assurance

Most language training companies offer little by way of transparency and accountability, making it difficult to gauge the effectiveness of training. Carfax offers extensive accountability, reporting, and quality assurance measures set against standard language frameworks and internationally-recognised assessments. Clients always know what they're getting, and what the outcome of the training is with complete certainty.

Client Focussed and Bespoke Training

Recognising the needs of every client differ, Carfax training offers completely bespoke training programmes. This offers specificity and flexibility in meeting specific client requirements. Whether a client requires training for the petroleum industry, executives of manufacturing companies, or engineers, our consultants have the expertise and talent to create a targeted and effective programme of study.

Specialist Training for Industry

Carfax consultants have the expertise and experience to create and teach programmes of study specific to your industry. Previous programmes designed by our consultants include:

  • English for the petroleum industry;
  • English for automobile manufacturing;
  • Language for marketing, logistics, and procurement professionals and executives;
  • English for security and military personnel;
  • Technical language for petroleum engineers;
  • English for NATO officers;
  • Language for Saudi Arabian Air Force pilots;
  • Creation and management of university English programmes in Dubai, Japan, Oman, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere; and
  • Many more.

Responsiveness to Client Needs

Recognising the importance of happy clients, needs and requests are met quickly by our tuition and consultancy staff. This bespoke tuition and consultancy model is built entirely on responsiveness to clients.

Additionally, Carfax Educational Projects specialises in addressing unusual requests, or those with a need for fast and effective turnaround.

Excellent Outcomes

Proof of Carfax's excellence is in the outcome of training. The most important measure of success is whether trainees have met and exceeded programme targets and goals; targets and goals substantiated by both client satisfaction and independent auditing by external standardised assessments and qualifications examinations.

Carfax Projects is confident in its ability to achieve any desired outcome, and help clients meet any goal.

Carfax was awarded a major contract by LukOil Middle East (in association with Stirling Group) to provide intensive four-month residential technical and English language training to a group of 120 oil workers from C.I.S. countries, preparing them for middle-management and technical roles on the West Qurna 2 Oil Field in Basra, Iraq. This required the establishment of a Carfax field office in Astrakhan, the Russian Federation, and the development of specialist curriculum materials, and a bespoke trainee tracking system The course comprised technical Oil and Gas training, and well as specialist, general, and business English. The course was highly successful, significantly over-delivering in terms of trainee scores in technical examinations and the level of improvement in written, read, and spoken English. Trainees have now deployed to Iraq, working effectively, and engaging with subsequent English-based training and work requirements. Client feedback was highly positive, with Carfax invited to bid for follow-up work with LukOil Middle East.

In collaboration with International House of Aberdeen, Carfax Projects has designed and delievered a set of on-going technical training programmes, with a highly professional focus. The courses are designed to be challenging and intensive, offering a 4 week language-training programme to oil and gas industry professionals interested in improving their technical and general English. Course subjects include:

  • English for Petroleum Industry Management;
  • English for Petroleum Engineering; and
  • Petroleum Geology. 

Carfax delivers the technical curricula, hires and manages the staff, and provides all examination materials for the programme. Provision remains ongoing, with continued engagement with IH Aberdeen. Further details can be found here.


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