Carfax Educational Projects is a constituent part of the Carfax Education Group of international educational businesses. The Group, initially founded in the United Kingdom, has established a strong international presence with offices in London, Oxford, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Baku and Seoul. Carfax has a strong track record of educational consultancy, tuition, and projects work throughout the world, including Russia and the C.I.S., Central Asia, the Middle East, and Sub -Saharan Africa. The group is split into a private clients division and an institutional clients division.

Businesses belonging to the private clients division provide advice, guidance, and teaching to pupils, families, institutions, and investors who seek to access the highest standards of education. Provision includes guidance to individuals seeking entry to leading schools and universities in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and the United States of America. The group also owns and operates a school in Oxford, educating pupils from around the world, with a particular focus on preparation for leading schools and universities, as well as supporting exceptionally gifted pupils, and those with special educational needs. Additionally, private tuition with some of the best tutors is offered at Carfax Tutors in a number of countries, and remotely. Within this context, Carfax was a founding member of the Oxford Consortium of Tutorial Colleges, as well as The Tutors’ Association, a professional body for the tutoring sector in the U.K.

The Projects division of Carfax provides educational consultancy to national governments, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations across a range of sectors. In addition, the company supports schools, universities, and training institutes throughout the world in operational management and raising educational standards, with a range of school-improvement, international teacher recruitment, management, and staff-training services. Services to institutional and private investors interested in establishing educational institutions or other investment opportunities in education are also provided.

Recent projects include a review of the Financing of Education in Emergencies for the Global Education Cluster, the development of a Higher Education in Somaliland, a full Training Needs Assessment across the public service in Sierra Leone, and the development of a Business Plan for a new Public Service Academy in Freetown, as well as a feasibility study for the establishment of a Teacher Training Institute in Hargeisa, including a full review of teacher education policies (with detailed recommendations for implementation) in the coming decade.

Carfax has also been contracted to support the establishment of international boarding schools in southern and northern Europe, and the start-up and management of a new school in the United States of America.


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